Welcome to the original Those Happy Moments blog!

Hello everyone!

This very blog page is where Those Happy Moments all began. If you scroll way (way, way) down to the bottom of it, you'll find the very first blog post I ever wrote, on January 1st, 2016, along with the 365 other posts I wrote for every day in 2016. (And yes, that adds up to 366 - it was a leap year!)

As you may know, this original blog inspired the Those Happy Moments book, which you can learn more about HERE and purchase HERE.

I'm leaving this page up for anyone who's interested in how the journey began - and in the fact that you too can find Happy Moments in your own life each and every single day! I'm living proof that it can make a real difference in your lasting happiness.

Please continue to follow the blog in its updated incarnation by clicking HERE, where I'm sharing tips and tricks I think can help you make the most of your life. See you there!

And for anyone who's been with me since the very beginning, thank you for your support and for sharing the memories. I hope you have found many of your own Happy Moments along the way.