366 days gone by

And just like that, it's 2017.

2016 has ended, and with it, so has my little one-year blog project. Which I never even intended to be a one-year blog project. It just sort of ... happened.

And I think that's how a lot of things that end up being really personally important and special start out, when you think about it. Start with a vague idea, mix in a little spontaneity, stay committed and stubborn, and ... surprise yourself. 

This blog never "became" much. I didn't make a dime off it, or garner a lot of likes, or ever even - *grumble, grumble* - look into setting up a mailing list. But it still mattered to me. It mattered enough for me to leave parties early, to snitch 15 minutes from other more "important" activities if necessary, and - most importantly - to keep my eyes constantly open for a little Happy Moment to write about that day. It somehow became my thing this past year, when I didn't even though I was looking for a thing. And every so often, a comment from a friend, like, "Joëlle, I love your blog!" was enough to absolutely make my day.

I'll be honest: I'm scared about 2017. I have a few plans that scare me, and that I sometimes think are flat-out stupid and risky. They feel hard. They feel uncertain. I was struggling with my planner earlier today, and I just don't know if I'm going to be able to do it. But it helps to know that we do do things we aren't certain about, all the time. This blog is proof of it. And, you guys: Happy Moments are everywhere. 

This won't be the end of my writing. I really do want to turn some of these entries into short stories. I'd like for there to be a book. I'd even like to keep blogging, albeit not every day. I really must figure out how to set up a mailing list. So please, don't hesitate to check in hagain. 

And now, to end the Happy Moments blog - at least in its original incarnation - I want to close with a huge, huge thank you to YOU. Whether you read one entry, or all of them. Whether you dutifully commented, or simply sent a little positive thought my way. Whether we're already friends or you stumbled onto here somehow through the magic of the Internet. Thank you, for all of it. I am sitting here, inspired and happy, and I couldn't have done it alone.

I hope you too will take many Happy Moments with you from 2016, and kick off 2017 to be the best year yet.

With much, much love,