Looking down on London

Fancy dinner came with a panoramic view last night, as I was invited to Oblix in the Shard skyscraper, the tallest building in Western Europe.

Walking into the bar is kind of an, "Oh, wow" moment, when the whole city appears, laid out at your feet, just beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows. And it's just beautiful on a clear night: There's the lit up Tower Bridge, there's the stalwart Tower of London, there's all the other skyscrapers that you're used to looking up at, and of course, there's the Thames river wrapping around the sprawling city.

Then you get shown to your table, where you'll sample flashy tuna tartare, grilled aubergine with mint leaves, pricey Sauvignon Blanc, and a wealth of other yummy offerings.

And once you're done eating, you take your time snapping a few dozen photos of the softly-lit hallway and the glowing mural of the city below.

Hellooooooo, London! You look pretty great from way up here.