Picnics at sunset

This first full week of September has been pretty brilliant so far, with even the British weather cooperating. It's like Britain had a think about it, and came to the conclusion that, "You know what? I'm bored with rain. Let's actually spice things up with a little sunshine!" and pretty soon you had bemused Londoners wandering around with confused looks on their faces, wondering, "What's all this....shiny stuff?"

Anyway, last night was especially lovely in an already lovely week, and all that loveliness meant there was nothing better to be doing at sunset than having a picnic on the south bank of the Thames river. 

I mean, I use the term "picnic" loosely, because what that really meant was: wine. And also some peanut brittle infused with wine, which I'd brought back from my little party-for-one trip to Napa Valley last month. So let's call it more of a boozy "MINI picnic," perhaps.

But whatever you call it, it was pretty perfect. The wine was better than expected (thank you, Sainsbury's!), the company was great, and the colors in the sky were beautiful. You know how sunset is just one of those things a camera can never quite capture, because it's just so all-encompassing and powerful and you're being pelted with pinks and purples and oranges from all sides? That's what it felt like last night.

And then, once the sun has actually set, all you're left with is gratitude for another special Happy Moment.