First dates and cookie dough

Last night I had a really great first date. The weather was lovely, the planning was super, and - the best part - the guy was totally awesome.

But glossing over that, the other best part was THE DESSERT. As in, QUITE POSSIBLY THE BEST DESSERT OF MY LIFE.

We were at Oka, a cozy little sushi restaurant near Oxford Circus, and of course since I love a good plan myself, I had already checked out the menu online beforehand. My heart had basically stopped when I'd gotten to the following dessert: "Freshly baked dark couverture cookie dough topped with vanilla ice cream."

Which of course, we had to get. Yes, yes, the sushi was delicious, blablabla, but my mind was already in dessert mode from the moment we walked in the door.

Now: imagine eating baked cookie dough topped with vanilla ice cream and how delicious that must be. But you'd be wrong. Because it was, hands-down, guaranteed, even more delicious than you're imagining right now. I mean, as much as I was enjoying the company, he could have gotten up and left at that point, and it would've just been more cookie dough for me!

I'm looking forward to my second date with this guy, and to more fun restaurants in our future.

But there's no way we're ever topping that first dessert together.