Angel rocks

I was out for a quick run this morning when I chanced upon a happy circumstance: today was the annual Angel Canal Festival! And since one of the things I love most about living in Angel IS the canals, how could I not partake in the festivities?!

This wasn't some sort of crazy-huge party that people would come from all over to attend. But in a way, that's what makes it even more charming: just a nice gathering of nice people with a real community feel. Local business stalls, boat trips, a canoe race, paint lessons, a bouncy castle, and - my personal favorite - live music from a fez-wearing kazoo band!

I'd vaguely seen signs around over the past few weeks that the festival was happening, and I remember thinking, "Oh yeah, I should check that out!" But I had entirely forgotten in the meantime. It was just a happy coincidence that I happened to feel up for a little jog this particular morning, and another happy coincidence that I jogged in this particular direction to come across it.

People were happy, and I was smiling too as I wandered around, feeling like - gosh darn it - a true member of a lovely little London community, foreign passports be damned. I love moments like those, and right now, I really love Angel.