A September to remember

One more month gone by in 2016, on the 274th day of the year, with only 92 to go. The days are noticeably shorter now, and you can kind of feel that even though the end of the year isn't that close just yet, it's still kinda sorta getting close.

And as I already mused at the end of last month, it's definitely the point where I want to look forward rather than back, and focus on what I want to achieve before the end of 2016. There's no time to waste! Action time!

So with a final glance back over my shoulder at a September that is slipping away, here's what I'll take with me:

- 274 straight days of blogging (and 92 to go!)
- 222/274 days of meditation (The second half of the year has definitely been a continued struggle here, but there's real value to it!)
- I got a cute little newborn niece - Welcome, Lucia!!! 
- I started dating a pretty great guy, who took me out for baked cookie dough on our first date, sunset picnics, fancy skyscraper dinners, and who - most importantly - makes me feel super happy. So, you know ... that's a lot of Happy Moments already.
- I made my first £30 teaching yoga (the start of something new, perhaps?) 
- I took a quick little hop over to Milan and led a big, serious meeting in a TREEHOUSE!! 

Favorite moment of the month: Another tough one, since there was so much to choose from this month! But ... I'm going to have to give it to that first date, just because it was so exciting, and I'd been looking forward to it for so long.

Quote of the month: "If Plan A fails, remember that there are 25 letters left."

Goal for next month: Make progress on those three main goals - meaning, actually edit my novel, sign up with yoga studios to teach a class, and make job-related strides.

It was another good month, though I can feel the antsy-ness now of wanting to bring about CHANGE. Which means October is where it's AT. The action is HERE!

Let's go.