Hip hopping around

When I got back to London from Milan last night, I was extremely excited, because my new boyfriend was in town again. That would have been good news on its own, but it was even better news because he brought me a fun present!

We had just left the restaurant where we had dinner, and he stopped me suddenly and said, "I've got a surprise for our walk back." 

"I love surprises!" I exclaimed, as he pulled a package out of his bag.

Turns out he'd bought me some fancy new pink-and-white headphones, which he then plugged into his fancy orange-and-yellow headphones (we were quite the colorful pair), which he then plugged into his phone so we could both listen to a funky playlist he'd selected.

It was mostly hip hop, which meant we pretty much bounced and hippety-hopped the rest of the way, occasionally belting out a choice lyric to each other - and no doubt looking absolutely crazy to everyone around us who couldn't hear the music.

It was a really kind, creative, and silly gesture. And as we danced our way down the London streets with Snoop Dogg in our ears, I thought to myself: "Ok, he can stay." ;-)