Teaching in treehouses

My day job brought me to Milan for today, to give a big presentation to a group of clients. And as I arrived at the location, I double-checked the address of where I was supposed to go. "2nd Floor, The Treehouse," it said.

"Huh," I thought, intelligently demonstrating the type of top-notch, on-my-feet thinking that explains why you'd want me presenting to a large group of important clients in the first place.

So I made my way to the 2nd floor, and was really impressed with what I found there. What with the location being the headquarters of one of Italy's biggest banks, I hadn't really expected to find an actual treehouse on the 2nd floor.

But this is Italy, after all! Fashion! Design! 21st century Milan!

And indeed, there were two treehouses on an entirely "green" floor in one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city, and I think photos can't quite do justice as to how cool this place actually was. Oh, how I wished I hadn't been wearing a suit and high heels and could have climbed all over everything like a little kid! That would perhaps not have been the professional appearance an event speaker might have been expected to demonstrate, but you can't tell me it wouldn't have made for a memorable meeting! I contemplated ending the morning session with, "And now, we're going to swing from the branches!" or "Tarzan time!" or by just flopping into a bean bag chair, but ... I restrained myself. Because I'm an adult, and this morning I was adulting.

But this afternoon? Now that I've left the clients behind and am waiting to board my flight back to London? 

I'm just sitting here remembering those treehouses, and the smile that crept onto my face when I first saw them. 

Even adults deserve a little fun.