Back in the sky

I’m sitting on a flight from London City to Milan again, the exact same flight as the very first one I took this year, way back in January.

Back then I was just a fledgling blogger (I mean, fine, I still am), and I wrote about how much I love that moment when you break through the clouds and suddenly you’re just above it all, and it doesn’t matter what the weather is like down on the ground because you’re flying, way up in the sky!

It’s got me thinking about all the other flights and all the other places I’ve been lucky to fly to this year since then: Geneva in February; Dublin and Malta in March; Geneva again – and Basel, and India - in April; Amsterdam and Dublin #2 in May; Geneva #3 in June; New York City and Washington, DC in July; and San Francisco and Washington, DC #2 in August. There have been other trips this year that didn’t require flying (Brussels, Paris, and Scotland, I’m looking at you), but the truth is, I think it’s still kind of exciting to be up in the air!

I think flying tends to get a bad rap these days—and I’m as guilty as anyone else about this. We complain when flights are delayed, when luggage is misplaced temporarily, when the food isn’t to our liking, when there’s turbulence, when the person seated next to us takes up too much room, or when the on-board WiFi doesn’t work.

But the bottom line is: You’re on a CHAIR in the SKY. You’re FLYING right now, one with the wind and the birds and the wispy little clouds!

So how about we take a moment once in a while to just remind ourselves how extraordinary that is, and give a little “Hell, yeah!” high five to humanity for making the impossible possible? How about we celebrate the fact that in less than two hours one can get from London to Milan for an authentic gelato and a “Ciao, bella!” or two?

I’ll only be in Milan about 24 hours this time around. But you can bet I’m going to make the most of it. Pizza is on the menu for tonight.

And then tomorrow, I’ll give another high five to humanity for a safe flight home. Because, really – this is pretty cool.