Pilates from long ago

This morning I opened up YouTube and did a workout with which I am very familiar.

Like, crazy familiar. Like, I probably didn't even need YouTube to do it. (Though, interesting that this particular YouTube version came with Arabic subtitles for some strange reason.)

Way back in the day, I lived in New York City, and my "workouts" - such as they were - consisted of doing one of the exactly two workout DVDs that I owned. One of which was what I did this morning: MTV Pilates with Kristin McGee. A perky blond Pilates instructor, who was accompanied by three friends in the video: Joy, who was doing the beginner version of the workout; Kari, who was doing the expert version; and ... Jess (ohhhhh, Jess), who was doing the intermediate version. (Note: Jess was ruggedly sexy.)

We're talking waaaaaay back. Like, I used to play this DVD on a machine that was a DVD/VHS combo. And I thought I was cool for having one of those. And the VHS actually got as much play as the DVD in those days. 

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I did this exact workout. Amazon tells me it was released in January 2004, and I'm pretty sure I must have purchased it later that same year. I did it so many times that I can literally still remember entire sections from it word for word, more than a decade later.

"And we're gonna do the roll up. So again, if you're watching Joy, you're gonna keep your knees bent, feet flat, and this'll help you come up."

"Let's place the feet near the corner edges of the mat again, working the buttocks, give the abs a little break."

"Kari and I are gonna take a Pilates V, heels together, toes turned out, and when we lift up, we're gonna touch our toes, inhale, and exhale lower down."

And you know what? It's still a darn good workout! I could definitely feel my abs burning. And you know what else? I can totally do it better now, in my mid-thirties, than I could in my early twenties. Even those dreaded teasers aren't as hard as they were back then. Which is kinda neat. I just never took workouts out all that seriously until I was roughly 30 years old, and while I'm not exactly a gym rat in 2016, I still feel like I've been taking pretty good care of myself these past few years, getting stronger, more limber, and more confident in my own skin.

So who says you have to slow down as you get older? Never too late to form some positive new habits!

And never too back to flash back on positive memories, either. Thanks for those, Kristin McGee!

(And Jess. Thanks for the memories, Jess.)