Epiphanies, where are you?

My friend invited me to join her tonight for the launch of a travel start-up called Tripifini, a "best in class marketplace for experiential travel." It was founded by several of our business school classmates, and brings together enthusiastic travelers and global travel operators.

As an avid traveler myself, I obviously love this idea, but most importantly, I loved hearing the pitch from people who love what they do, and who are taking a chance on launching something they truly believe in. Having never been part of a start-up myself, but often feeling like I would be a great asset to one if I could only just pick one thing to actually be passionate about, I love observing what makes other people tick.

The name Tripifini, as we were told tonight, comes from the words "travel" and "epiphany." And I was standing there, smiling during the entire pitch, while wondering what would my epiphany be? Where do I fit in? How do I pull together all of these crazy ideas and thoughts and dreams I've been having recently? How do I make sense of it all?

I'm not sure yet. But it's great inspiration to see what others are doing. 

And I want to go experience a travel epiphany now. Over and over again.