Mistranslating tea

I am currently enjoying a nice hot mug of ayurvedic Yogi Tea, a blend of herbs and spices, which - according to its website - "promote[s] individual well-being."

But here's my problem: One side of the box says "Abend," while the other side of the box says, "Bonne Soirée."

I am obsessed with the fact that this is not the same thing.

Because, see, "Bonne Soirée," in French, means "Good Evening." Whereas "Abend," in German, means ... "Evening."

That's it! Not "GOOD Evening," just "Evening." No qualifier at all! Why don't the Germans want me to have a good evening???

And it gets worse! Because on the packaging for the tea bag itself, it says the following: "Bedtime. Abend. Bonne Nuit. Bonne Soirée. Abbraccio della Sera. Buenas Noches."

Ok, hold the PHONE, Yogi Tea. Because, I'm sorry, now I'm confused! Is it night, or is it evening? Or is it bedtime? Or is it the poetic Italian "Embrace of the Evening," because that's just in a whole other category altogether?!

My sister Dania actually brought me this particular box of tea from Switzerland, which explains why the French and German labels dominate the box. It does nothing, however, to explain this frankly inexplicable discrepancy.

I've turned the box over and over in my hands, and beyond learning that this is a kosher tea, and that the German word for "teabag" is apparently "Teebeutel," (Or IS it, given the way things are going?), I've come up with literally nothing.

That said, I do see that their company appears to be registered in Germany. In Hamburg, in fact. And it just so happens that I've been looking for an excuse to visit Hamburg. So what if I just marched right into their offices, brandishing my tea package and demanding answers?!? What would they do then???

They'd probably shut the door in my face.

And wish me a good evening.