Stressing over steps

When it comes to ongoing goals, there is one that's been sticking with me for a while now: walking 10,000 steps a day. 

As the BBC says, it's a figure that's recommended by many different health ministries and public bodies around the world, and apparently, doing so qualifies you as "moderately active."

It's not really as easy as I might have thought, though. For example, I'm probably on the high end of how much Londoners actually walk, simply because instead of taking the tube or the bus, I walk to work. It takes me between 20-25 minutes each way, and yet even with that, I'm still only at about 7,000 steps.

Now of course this isn't the only form of exercise I do. I do yoga, Pilates, and the occasional short run. But still... there's a real feeling of accomplishment to hitting that magical 10,000 figure.

So what it means on most weekdays is that I have to make a conscious effort to go for a short walk at lunch to get those extra 3,000 steps in. And what that means is that on days when I'm simply too busy to get away from my desk - *like today, she harrumphed* - those steps are going to have to come elsewhere.

For example, right now it's just after 6pm, and I've only just hit the halfway mark of 5,000. 3.4 km on my little legs. Which means my mental calculations at the moment are going something like this: Let's see, I've got a dinner in Soho coming up, so I'll walk there from here, fine, that's probably another 2,500 or so - so, 7,500 - and then depending on what time I get out of the dinner I may not want to walk all the way home, but if I take the bus I could get off a few stops earlier - but would that actually make up the difference of another 2,500?

It's stressful!!! 

...Which, it occurs to me, is not the point of setting a health goal.