Once you go black, do you ever go back?

This morning I tried something a little different in my cleansing routine. In my efforts to live a more natural and organic lifestyle this year (hello, recycled toilet paper in compostable wrap!), I recently bought a new toothpaste: Ecodenta Extra Whitening Toothpaste.

The back of the packaging says it is for people who, "seek new things and unconventional solutions." (Hey, that's me!) It "effectively removes plaque," has a "uniquely refreshing effect," and "eradicates bacteria."

It's also black.

Like, gooey, sticky pitch-black sludge. Like, when I put it on my teeth, I briefly wondered whether it would wash off, or whether I might have just done something deeply and irreversibly stupid.

See, one of the active ingredients in this toothpaste is activated black charcoal, which apparently has "long been known for its dental care properties," or so says .... Amazon. Which, obviously, is where we should all turn to for any advice on oral health. Amazon also has the somewhat hilariously oxymoronic claim that the paste has "great whitening results due to charcoal."

Well, there was only one way to find out. And to be fair, Amazon isn't the only place extolling the virtues of the 'black whitening' effect.

So, you know, I tried it. And while I briefly had a mouth like something out of a horror movie, it did wash out. (So, you know, yay!) And it was unbelievably tingly. I kind of felt like saying, "Yeah, take that, bacteria! I'm sending some active charcoal in to eradicate you!!!"

It's obviously too early to tell whether there will actually be any positive or whitening effects from switching toothpastes, but it was sorta fun to make monster faces at myself in the mirror with black teeth. So I'm going to chalk that up as a win in either case.

Unconventional solutions indeed.