Yoga with a side of hummus

Thanks to my brand spanking new ClassPass subscription, I was trying out a new yoga studio this morning: MoreYoga in Exmouth Market.

Yoga, as it turns out, sometimes comes with a side of hummus.

Because when I got to the address of the studio about 10 minutes before the class start time, I found ... a Hummus Bros. restaurant. A closed Hummus Bros. restaurant, no less. 

To be fair, this did not come as much of a surprise as one might think. Their website does in fact state that they have formed a "healthy collaboration" with Hummus Bros. and can be found in the basement studio beneath their Exmouth Market premises.

Still, after standing there about five minutes without a single other student - and with the restaurant shutters firmly in the 'down' position, I began to wonder if somehow I might have ended up at the wrong place ... could it be there was another Mediterranean restaurant nearby with a yoga studio in the basement? 

So I called the number listed on the website, and the guy on the other hand assured me that if I waited, the teacher was on her way. "Ok..." I said uncertainly, figuring I didn't have too much choice in the matter anyway.

And sure enough, not two minutes before the class was scheduled to start, up walked, simultaneously, five other students, and the teacher herself. Importantly, she was holding keys to aforementioned shutters. "Sorry I'm late!" she beamed, opening the door.

We traipsed through the closed eatery - dare I say it? I felt a bit ... illicit! Like we were sneaking around! - and made our way down into the basement studio, which was surprisingly nice. Who'd have ever guessed there was a cozy little yoga studio, just chilling out under a cheap eats joint in central London like that?

I loved the class, and I came out with a little spring in my step and a renewed love for yoga. As I walked home, a friendly young street sweeper called out good morning to me. "You're one of the happier people I've seen today!" he said. "I need more people like you in London!"

I thought this was so nice of him that I responded: "I need more people like YOU in London!" Just a nice little moment with a stranger on a Sunday morning, after a fun little experience under a hummus restaurant.

Next time, I'm having the falafel.