Thunder and lightning

Early this morning - as in, VERY early this morning - I was awakened by what had to be the most violent thunderstorm since I moved to London 14 months ago.

Cracks and crashes tore through the sky outside as I lay in bed, listening. I've actually always loved the sound of rain when I'm safe and dry indoors, and I didn't really even mind being woken up at oh-dark-thirty for this kind of cacophonous concert. It was pretty much impossible to sleep through anyway, so I just snuggled up against my three sleeping buddies, and tuned in.

I think there's a reason rain and thunder are often used in background sounds or meditation music: They're soothing. It's kind of funny to think about the contrast of how horrible and even scary it can be to be OUTside during a storm, versus how peaceful it can be when you're INside. 

I guess perspective can shift so many things, including how "good" or "bad" something is. Whenever I complain about something, like, say, my work, I wonder whether there's a different way of looking at it. Sometimes I feel trapped in a thunderstorm of sorts, unable to figure out how to get myself indoors, where it's safe. So I just sit, miserably, in the rain, as more and more lightning crashes down around me. Even though I KNOW there's a way out of it--or rather, a way IN from it, really!

And so, I know that I have to keep looking. 

Because I know for a fact that thunder and lightning are so much more beautiful when you get them right. From the comfort of your own bed, right where you're supposed to be.