Red-hot day

On another uncharacteristically sunny, hot day in London, I happened to glance down at what I was wearing. Hmmm, red skirt, red toenail polish, red watch. I was apparently feeling quite fiery when I got dressed this morning!

And what's even greater is that this made me fit right in with London, which does love its red. So on my lunch break today, I set a little challenge to myself to go hunting for red things. 

And they were everywhere! Red double-decker buses, of course. Red phone booths (repurposed as salad bars and cell phone charging stations!). Red post boxes and mail vans. Red city bikes. The storefronts for Prêt à Manger, the sandwich shop chain present on every London corner. Signs for the underground. The list went on!

It was a long day at work, and this was just kind of a FUN little break, running around as if on some sort of self-arranged scavenger hunt, telling myself, "Just one more!" before I had to head back to the office. I knew I wasn't exactly accomplishing anything, but at least I was having a good time - and looking red-hot - while doing it.

London on a bright day. You gotta love it.