Useless websites

I was just sitting here tonight, trying to think of what to write about on another rather "normal" day, and as sometimes happens, I started to think that this blog, and this website, is really all a bit ... useless.

I mean, really, what IS the point? I hardly know how to explain it myself!

But still, I don't want this to be the day I just up and quit. Quitting is for quitters, and I want to keep telling myself that I am always just one blog post away from something MAGICAL.

So in an effort to prove to myself that my website is not THAT useless, I visited, which actually -  at the click of a button - takes you to a random, utterly useless website.

My first click took me to Staggering Beauty, which appears to be a sort of phallic snake with eyes that follows your cursor as you move it around on your screen. It was, admittedly, oddly hypnotizing.

My second click took me to That's the Finger, simply a giant hand flipping the bird with the tag line, "That's the finger. Deal with it." Cute.

My third click took me to Eel Slap, which was oddly similar to Staggering Beauty except that this time, as you move your cursor, you get to slap a man in the face with an eel. Which I did. Repeatedly. Oh, the fun that is to be found on the Internet!

My fourth click took me to Can't Not Tweet This, which hovers a Twitter button no matter where you move your cursor, and as soon as you click somewhere, opens a link for you to tweet about "Taking annoying social media spamming to the next level." Which I found awfully clever, in kind of a meta way.

And on it went! I found endless horses, a slightly creepy site that drops moneyed men from the sky to die, hypnotic disappearing shapes, a passive aggressive site that criticizes you for your password choices, a site playing checkers by itself, and one site that appears devoted to a sparkling mango.

There is a LOT of useless crap on the Internet! Which of course we all knew already, but when you think about the fact sometimes that there are people who literally take the time to design something like Oprah unleashing a swarm of bees on her audience, I start to wonder whether I truly needed to spend hours and hours and hours on this blog simply to build some sort of online presence.

On the plus side, it's made me rethink the word "useless" and whether it applies to me. And for now, I'm one blog post richer.

Ok, fine, this is addictive. One more! 

I got a site that lets you draw with rubber duckies.

My work here is done.