Slugs & me: twins for a day

 Pictured: Yours truly.

Pictured: Yours truly.

If there were only one word to define this particular Monday in my life, it would be: 


As in, sluggish. As in, me, sluggishly slugging my slug self around all day in a sluglike fashion.

It all started when I woke up, glanced at the time on my phone, thought "nahhhhhhh," and set the alarm again for a half-hour later. This never happens. I'm fortunate to be one of those people who really doesn't have trouble waking up early, whether bouncing out of bed when it's still dark to go for winter runs, or getting in a quick yoga session in my own living room.

But today, urgh. That plan I had, as it were, for a workout? Yeah, that definitely didn't happen. Instead, I "meditated" for 10 minutes, which is to say that I put my Calm app on loudspeaker, laid my phone on my chest, and zonked back out. Most guided meditations on the app begin with some version of, "Start by taking a comfortable posture, sitting with your back upright and straight..." and let me tell you, I pretty much quit on that sentence pre-comma, because there was nothing upright about my posture in that moment.

Anyway, I somehow managed to make it into the office something like 59 seconds after my first meeting of the day was starting, which I'm pretty sure means I was still officially on time. Then I sluuuuugged through the rest of my day, moving twice as slowly as usual (generous estimate).

At midday I attended my usual Monday lunchtime yoga class, which wiped the floor with me and reminded me that I still have a heck of a lot of practicing to do. Ohhhhh, the chaturangas. Would they never end?

Still, it's evening now, and the day is approaching its end. So what can I find as a Happy Moment in a day that essentially saw me impersonating a slimey gastropod? Well, early this morning, my brand-new boyfriend called me just to hear my voice, and also to make sure I was awake. And that was an awfully nice surprise, especially on the one day when I really could use the extra wakeup call.

Let's see whether tomorrow I can actually wake up all by myself. Place your bets!