Night at the movies

Continuing in the list of wonderful dates from this week, yesterday it was time for something a little more classic: dinner and a movie.

I was especially looking forward to the movie part because we went to Screen on the Green, a lovely old-school, single-screen cinema in my Angel neighborhood, which I've walked by literally hundreds of times, always wanting to set foot inside without ever actually having someone to do it with.

It was so nice. They have comfy sofas for two, footrests, and a full bar at the back of the cinema. There was just a nice community feel to everyone who showed up, kind of quiet and nice.

All the more so because of the movie itself, which I almost think I'll have to write more about at another point, because I feel like I haven't completely processed it. We went to see One More Time with Feeling, a documentary that accompanies the release of Nick Cave and Bad Seeds' Skeleton Tree album. Chronicling the making of the album, and born out of the incredible grief Cave felt when his 15-year-old son fell from a cliff and died during the writing of the album, it was raw and moving and horribly unsatisfying (because how could it not be?)

The music was haunting, and when we walked out at the end, I felt quiet and touched, not really sure how to explain what I thought.

So we just walked in silence for a while. It was nice.