My San Francisco Girls

Yesterday was such a wonderful example of how time and distance don't need to matter when it comes to good friendships. Even though I left San Francisco over a year ago and haven't been back since, and even though it's often challenging to keep in touch when everyone is busy, I'm fortunate to maintain some truly lovely friendships in the City by the Bay.

My super-duper friend Shagun had told me she wanted to take a yoga class with me while I was in town, so yesterday morning we enlisted our other friends Liz and Lori to meet at Lori's loft for a class in "Joëlleness" (Get it? Joëlle + Wellness? Good brand name? Yes? No?)

It's at this point that I should interject that Lori is not only a master hostess-with-the-mostest, but also an incredibly caring friend. So before any of us even turned up, she had already lit candles, laid out mala beads and fancy imported teas, lemon water, and dried figs for our post-yoga snack. "And I took some pictures for your website!" she told me excitedly, which made want to fling myself into a BFF hug.

I was actually slightly nervous before teaching, because this was my first class with more than one student. But it went so great. I love my friends, and they (said they) loved my class, and it was just all-around terrific. After we finished we took some goofy pictures and then curled up on our mats for some girltalk. I've missed them.

Later that day, I had another terrific catchup with my good friend Myra, who is also a yoga teacher and literally the one who inspired me to try yoga training in the first place, which means I basically owe her everything good I'm going through right now. She recently got engaged and bought a new house, so there were so many things to celebrate--break out the pizza slices and ice cream! (Which is exactly what we did.)

And to close out the day, six of us met up for more fun over a luscious dinner spread. Lori, Shagun, Liz, Myra, and the beautiful Chris. All of whom I've known and loved for many years, and whom I've missed for the past 13 months. 

Come visit London, girls. You're the best.