Shopping for goodies in SF

Every time I travel to cities I know very well or have previously lived in, I always have to make the rounds of some of my favorite stores. It happens in Geneva, in New York City, in Los Angeles, even in DC. There's just something more exotic, somehow, about buying an outfit or a pair of shoes that not everyone who lives around me would have access to. This also explains why I pretty much absolutely never shop in London, where I live now.

It should be noted that this totally artificial feeling of owning something that is somehow "special" by virtue of it having been bought-while-traveling applies in MY mind even to big, international brands that can pretty much be found anywhere. For example, I could go to, say, Uniqlo in New York City and buy exactly the same dress as I could at Uniqlo in London. And yet somehow the New York one would probably FEEL cooler to me. Perhaps because there's a bit of story attached to it: "Oh, this? Just something I picked up on my most recent trip to the Big Apple. I'm a world traveler, you know."

In other words, I am a classic, gullible, illogical consumer. 

Anyway, yesterday was my San Francisco shopping day. I didn't buy THAT much, but I hit up all my usual hot spots and found a few particularly good deals. New pyjamas! Form-fitted black jeans for 70% off! Cheesy SF souvenir for that special someone!

The first store I happened to buy something in was Victoria's Secret, which meant that that was the bright pink, very obvious bag I carried around all day long, occasionally slipping a purchase from another store in there too. No need for multiple bags--it all fit. "Look at me!" it seemed to say, "I bought sexy things today!"

And I carried that bag with pride.