August: out!

It's the final day of yet another month gone by, day 244 out of 366, and just like that ... the year is two-thirds over. Tomorrow, the "-ber" months begin, a sure sign the year is beginning to near its end.

At this point, I think it's best I stop wondering where has the time gone??? as I have at the end of every month thus far, and instead turn towards the question of what am I going to do with the time left??? The past is the past, and it can inform us and make us smile, yes, but looking back too much can also remind inspire guilt or even fear if the past didn't look exactly how we may have wanted it to.

So onwards and upwards! Let's look back one last time at another particularly fun month, and then let's tackle September like the beast it is!

August takeaways:

- 244 straight days of blogging
- 201/244 days of meditation. Very sporadic on this across August, and much like last month, I can really tell the difference in how calm (or not) I feel at different times, or even how good I am at noticing the little things in life. I think perhaps what's missing is the excitement I felt at the beginning of the year about trying out a new challenge, so perhaps it's come to feel a little "routine," rather than beneficial. Pretty sure I can do better in September--at least the bar's been set lower for now!
- I had an absolutely amazing week in my old home of San Francisco: doing yoga in Grace Cathedral, sitting in on story time at a cute children's bookstore, shopping, taking a party bus to Napa Valley, hiking to the edge of the Earth at Land's End, and - most importantly of all - spending quality time with some of my best friends in the whole world.
- I DOMINATED the Capital Bikeshare in Washington, DC on my second attempt (that's what you get!!!)
I taught my first REAL yoga class, and re-discovered a huge appreciation for Pilates classes 
- I reeeeeally enjoyed my first true day off in almost three months
- Scotland 2016 was absolutely fantastic: Two days in Edinburgh, laughing it up at the Fringe Festival, enjoying a day on the beautiful Isle of Skye, and of course, three days hiking the amazing West Highland Way 

Favorite moment of the month: Really tough one this month as there were so many Happy Moments to choose from! But I'll have to give it to our second morning of Scottish hiking, when we crossed the otherworldly Rannoch Moor on one of the most beautiful days Scotland is likely to have ever seen.

Quote of the month: "Clarity comes from engagement, not thoughts." ~Marie Forleo

Goal for next month: Those goals I just mentioned yesterday about publishing my novel, teaching more yoga, and xxxxxxx x xxx xxx? (That last one is censored to the public!) I want to actually progress on them and feel proud of that by the end of September.

Thanks to some great trips, ample vacation time, and special friendships, this was quite possibly my best month of 2016. But the year isn't over! Still a lot to enjoy, work hard on, and be grateful for.

September, you are on notice. Let's make it totally amazing.