Excuses, excuses...

In other news, there is a loooooong list of to-dos that I am behind on.

Up until today, I've had a series of ready-made excuses for the past few months on why I just-not-right-now-maybe-later couldn't quite get to some of the projects I've been meaning to get to: first there was my yoga training and graduation, then my two trips to the U.S. in quick succession (New York City! DC! San Francisco! DC again!), then my trip to Scotland ... all culminating in yesterday's bank holiday.

And today?  Well.... Today was back to work. No vacation in sight. No big faraway trips. No non-work deliverables to get in the way.

In other words: no more excuses. That novel I still want to publish? Those yoga classes I want to teach more of and therefore need to advertise? Those other personal projects I've been saying and wanting and meaning to pursue for so long? Well, they're still waiting.

And that's (let's be honest) kinda scary, because it's always easy to hide behind an excuse. And the thing with excuses is that there's always one to be found somewhere, if you look hard enough. I probably spend more time coming up with excuses than I would actually taking real steps forward on some of these projects that I really do care about! I'm good with excuses! They're safe and cosy and comfortable!

But the thing with them is: the outcome is known. If you come up with a good-enough-for-now excuse, you know you're not moving forward. That's where the feeling of safety comes from. If you actually jump without knowing if there's a net to catch you, that's unknown and unsafe and oh, so scary.

But isn't it finally time?