Break out the bubbles

Total Happy Moment today: Imagine you've just finished a very-fun-yet-fairly-challenging three-day hike. You and your hiking buddy Meredith have been joking for three days straight about how there WILL be a jacuzzi waiting for you at the end of the trail, without ever quite daring to believe it might be true.

You drag yourself off the the trail, past the official end of the West Highland Way, and through the little town of Fort William, Scotland, in search of your hotel.

"Stop!" your poor little abused feet cry to you. "Stooooop! You're supposed to be finished!"

You find the hotel, check in, and snicker at each other when you see that your room is, quite literally, called 'The Master Room.'

You put the key in the door, push it open, and the first thing you see is the bathroom beyond, including a beautiful, magnificent, glorious jacuzzi tub, sitting there, smiling at you.

And you pretty much just collapse into it, knowing that you've earned it, and that every step along the way was worthwhile because it all got you to THIS very Happy Moment.

Break out the bubbles. And leave me here.