Approving my sandwich

My long-term friend and hiking buddy-of-the-week Meredith told me about a fantastic concept that I whole-heartedly embraced today: Alpine Sandwiches.

It is EXACTLY what it sounds like. You take a picture of your sandwich, while hiking, and post it to Alpine Sandwiches for approval. If approved, you too can have YOUR international sandwich posted for the world to see. With the glorious background to match!

I plan to post a more fulsome recap of our West Highland Way walk in the days to come, but for today, all I wanted was to join the ranks of the sandwiched alpinists. And so, after we stopped at a Scottish ski resort (...who knew??) for takeaway, I selected my cheese-and-onion sandwich WITH PRIDE AND INTENTION, already thinking of the photographic opportunity ahead.

We scaled Devil's Staircase, a series of "switchbacks" more akin to "climbing straight up a vertical mountain" and finally, finally reached the top. I pulled out one half of that "Crunchy Scotsman," as I would soon name it (for submission to the International Adventurer's Sandwich Club). I whipped out my camera. I snapped away, using a verbal command.

"Cheese!" I instructed the camera, and it complied. Somewhat ironic, if you think about it.

Please. Dear God. Let them accept my submission.

I desperately want to join the Alpine Sandwich Club.