Flyers, flyers everywhere

One reason I was so excited to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the biggest arts festival in the world?


I had been promised they'd be everywhere. I had been promised people would be thrusting artistic options directly into my hands as I walked by. I had been promised FLYERS.

And yes, indeed, yesterday Meredith and I managed to collect several dozen, and the variety was impressive. From intergalactic farces, to drumming-with-a-hint-of-martial-arts, to stand-up comedy, a few of my favorite sentences off the backs of these famous flyers included:

"Hamlet transported to a slaughterhouse in modern-day South Korea. While it appears to be an ordinary slaughterhouse from the outside, it is in fact a perfectly controlled place."

"I promise you this is one of the best shows you'll see. The venue is The Tron, 9 Hunter Square. I haven't included a map because if you can't use Google I don't want you at my show."

"...[features] the lows and lows of aspirations of having a pro-wrestling career. Also featuring memorabilia, actual x-rays, and an audition video which is so bad you'll wince."

Ultimately, we ended up seeing three shows yesterday. One lunchtime stand-up comedy with four different comedians, and two comedy musicals, including one called "Showstopper!" where the audience had to throw out musical styles for the actors to improvise on. The other was "2 become 1," a riff on speed-dating set in the 1990s, with the Britney Spears-and-Spice-Girls soundtrack to prove it. So we ended up laughing a LOT yesterday. It was all good, silly fun, which I think is exactly what we've been wanting to get out of this festival.

Which, by the way, is CRAZY. There are just SO many shows. When you check the main website, under musicals, there are something like 95 options. And that's just one category out of 13! Circus, comedy, drama, children's theatre, cabaret, spoken word... You can hardly throw a rock without hitting a venue. Shows are taking place in pubs, in nightclubs, in schools, and under bridges. That's not even mentioning all the free little shows and performances happening right in the street. What a fun place.

We've got time for one more show today before we head out: a circus-and-dance interpretation of Alice in Wonderland (I've already got the flyer!). And then we're catching the train out of Edinburgh for the next stage of the journey.

But we've sure had fun while it lasted.