Filling time in San Francisco

Yesterday was a looooong day. After my infamous 2:30am-ish wakeup, I didn't get back to sleep until about 11pm.

What did I do all day, I wonder? It felt busy, and yet I didn't do all that many things. I had a great catchup over tea with my friend Liz. My other friend Lori and I took a super-fun dance workout class at my favorite studio in the whole wide world: ODC Rhythm & Motion. Then we had a great conversation over a mini-brunch.  I eventually made my way downtown for a haircut, followed by a little shopping, followed by dinner and a final cup of tea & chat with my friend Shagun. And lastly, I made my way back to Liz' place for even more girl talk over a glass of a wine.

All of those activities were fun and enjoyable, and somehow they managed to fill up a roughly-21-hour day. That's much longer than my average day, and also more memorable, though none of those individual activities was especially long on its own. I've always found it interesting how sometimes activities and experiences just expand to fill whatever amount of time you have at your disposal. Back when I was unemployed, lots of people used to ask me whether I was bored. And I very rarely was. There is just so much to do out there! Simple pleasures: not just good conversations with friends, but even more basic. Taking a walk. Going to the grocery store. Reading at a café. Just freaking sitting.

Today is going to be another day of simple pleasures. More catch-up, more conversations, perhaps some yoga later tonight. It's very special to be on vacation, and even more so to be back in my old San Francisco haunts.

And I hope I will make the most of this special time.