How do you define kidnapping?

The office I work in was largely overrun by children today.

The reason? "Bring A Child To Work Day."

Not YOUR child, mind you. But I'll get to that! 

So last year, the company held its first annual "Take Your Child To Work Day," which apparently received great feedback, with the caveat that being able to bring "your" children apparently was far too limiting. It was not enough that parents could simply bring in their own children! What about other children? And what about those of us who don't have children?

So they changed it. And in early July, we all got an email inviting us to (seriously) "Bring Your Significant Children to Work Day."

Now, ok. I get that they were going for being more open and including options to bring nieces, nephews, younger siblings, godchildren, etc. But the thing is, doesn't that title sort of imply that there are insignificant children somewhere out there? So when that email went around, it was just kind of something we laughed about, and then I sort of forgot about.

But I'm guessing someone in the office provided more feedback, because when we got a reminder yesterday, suddenly it was "Bring A Child to Work Day." So to recap, we've gone from YOUR child, to YOUR SIGNIFICANT child, to .... well, apparently, just any child at all!

I contemplated inviting some random youngster to work with me as I walked to the office this morning. But, "hey, kid, want to join me for some conference calls?" seemed like a creepy proposition. And/or possible kidnapping.

So here I am. I've showed up childless. Sigh.

I suppose there's always next year!