Welcome, Summer!

You might not be able to tell, but the two images above are actually the same picture.

Just, you know, taken nearly five months apart. 

The top one probably looks familiar to the many, many (hey, a girl can dream!) readers among you who remember my March 21st post for the first day of Spring. On my lunch break that day - on a chilly day when it felt nothing like Spring, mind you - I'd wandered over to Tavistock Square and captured a pretty magnolia tree in bloom, thinking to myself that at least it was proof that winter couldn't last forever.

Today on my lunch break, I happened to wander over to Tavistock Square again. It was a GORGEOUS day in London. Beautifully sunny, without a cloud in the sky, and fabulously warm. The square was full of picnickers, sunbathers, and wandering dreamers like me.

I suddenly wondered what that same tree looked like now - after all, what better way to denote the passage of time than to take the exact same picture? And obviously, things looked very different. Not only the tree itself, but the background, the sky, the feel of the warmth in the air, the sound of people laughing. Perhaps I'm just in a better place than I was on that cold March day, but I was happy to have made the return trip.

And at least today was proof: Summer always shows up eventually.

Even in London.