Will work for yoga

At lunch today - *gulp!* - I taught my very first yoga class.

Not my first teacher-training-style class. Not my first friends 'n family class. My first class for money. My first class where someone actually asked me, in writing, "do you have insurance and a certificate to teach this class?" and I heartily responded with a "Yes, I do!" (and the email attachment to prove it!)

Every Monday at noon, my company has an outside teacher who comes in and teaches us a one-hour class. I love that it's on offer, and it's a great to break up the work day. No more than about five students ever show up, but I've always loved being one of them.

Today, the usual teacher was out of town. And since I am now on call as the backup teacher, in this moment of crisis they turned to me for help. I'm kind of like Batman, armed with the POWER OF YOGA.

(Side note/random thought: Yogawoman would be a terrible name for a superhero.)

(Side note/random thought #2: Do you think Batman would be less moody if he would just give yoga a chance?)

So I only had three students, and boy was I aware the whole time that they were co-workers. I was super nervous, much more than I'd have expected to be. The thing about teaching strangers is that if they don't like your teaching, they just won't come back to your class and you'll never have to see them again. And if you teach friends and do a crappy job, well, they'll probably still love you. But if you teach colleagues, you still have to see them every day.

Fortunately it all went fine. All three of them complimented me once we'd finished, and one even came by my desk later in the afternoon to tell me again how much she'd enjoyed it (at which point I pretty much dissolved into twin pools of relief and gratitude.) 

I'm actually not even sure how much I earned from teaching today. I think about £24 pre-tax, so not exactly a fortune, but still! It's not about money--it's about experience and practice on doing something that I absolutely love sharing with others.........and seeing wherever it may lead me.