At last, a day off

Today was pretty remarkable, because it was my first REAL day OFF in MONTHS.

In fact, my last day "off" before today was April 17th. Every single day since then - all 119 of them - I have either been at work, or been at my yoga teacher training class all day on Saturdays and Sundays, or been traveling, or had a guest staying with me. And I know, I know, technically traveling and having guests are in slightly different categories than work days, but nevertheless those were still days where I couldn't just do NOTHING because I was either not at home or needed to essentially look after somebody else.

Technicalities aside, today felt GREAT. After getting home from the U.S. at almost 2am early this morning due to multiple flight delays, I loved that there was nothing I HAD to do today. I didn't have anywhere I absolutely needed to be, and nothing that I absolutely needed to do that couldn't wait a day or two.

So what DID I do? I had a lazy lunch with my friend Frieda. I went for a lazy, long walk outside in the sunshine. I did a lazy load of laundry, and took a lazy bath, followed by a lazy mid-afternoon nap. It was glorious.

It's back to work tomorrow, alas. But mmmm, this was a day to remember.