Taking care of unfinished business

Remember how a few weeks ago, I tried and failed to rent a bicycle through Capital Bikeshare in Washington, DC? Remember the pain? The frustration? The humiliation?

Remember my promise to take care of unfinished business?

Today was that day, where I would take my revenge.

Step One: Rent bicycle. 
I went to a different kiosk from last time, inserted my credit card, typed in my phone number, and just like that, I had a bicycle to my name! You see how easy that was? You see how simple life is when thing go as they are supposed to? I was one happy camper.

Step Two: Ride bicycle.
Now, see, this was more challenging. I certainly know how to ride a bike, but it's been a while, and my etiquette may have been slightly off. Where did I belong on the roads, for example, such as to not get in the way of cars? And was I supposed to say "on your left!" to every one I rode by? I also seemed to keep veering into the center of the riverside trail, because apparently some part of my brain seemed to think this bike path was mine and mine alone, as opposed to a publicly-available, two-directional system.
Also: hills. Didn't like 'em. Slowed down considerably on them. In fact, you could apply a pretty general rule as to the speed of my ride this morning: if it was on two legs, I (probably) passed it; if it was on two wheels, it (definitely) passed me.

Beyond that, I had a great time, and whenever there was a hill that went down, I definitely let the little kid inside of me loose: "Wheeeeee!" 

I rode along the Potomac River, leaving Virginia behind and entering Washington, DC itself. Having already visited most of the key monuments on foot the last time I was in town, I wanted to focus on buildings this time around. The neoclassical U.S. Capitol, one of the most beautiful buildings in the United States. The red sandstone Smithsonian Castle, which houses the administrative offices of the many Smithsonian museums. The museums themselves, obviously. And lastly, The White House, which has housed every U.S. President except one (George Washington - yay for trivia points!)

As before, I loved waking up early and enjoying a beautiful morning while most of DC was quiet. It was nice to get some exercise before the brutal heat of summer was upon us. There are so many beautiful and impressive sites to see in DC, and I always enjoy visiting the city.

But mostly, this time around, it was nice to take care of unfinished business.

Not this time, Capital Bikeshare. Not this time.