It must be magic

You know what? I'm just gonna go ahead and say it:

I know where the best massage place in the whole wide world is.

You heard me. It's that good. 

Every time I'm in the Washington, DC area, I make a point of dropping by Health Magic, on the 3rd floor of the Pentagon City Mall. And the name seems particularly à propos, because it appears to be staffed by a bunch of literal magicians. I discovered it way back in 2008, when I lived practically next door, and I've never forgotten how good their acupressure and reflexology sessions are. 

It doesn't look like much. I mean, it's in a mall. The doors are always open, so you've got some mall noise from the food court traveling up from the ground level. And you're laid out on massage tables right next to other people, fully clothed.

But - you guys - it's so worth it. I just don't really understand it, but every single time I've gone, it's just been outstanding. I always walk out feeling rejuvenated, light on my feet, and peaceful. I even brought my Dad once, many years ago, and he walked out saying it was the best massage of his life.

How can every masseur there be that good? I've wondered that every single time.

It must be magic.