Flying high

In other news, I flew First Class yesterday. My awesome friend Mike had a bunch of extra upgrade vouchers for United, and very kindly offered me one for my redeye flight from San Francisco to DC.

I didn't take the above picture, mind you. I did not have a private compartment with a double bed, nor a big-screen TV. I definitely didn't have a bottle of champagne with two glasses and scattered rose petals waiting for me, essentially inviting me (and my non-existent travel partner) to join the mile-high club.

What I did have was a wider, comfier seat, and free food and drinks. Which made ALL the difference on this particular flight. I haven't taken a redeye in probably a couple of years, and had forgotten just how tough they can be, particularly if you have to go straight to work after landing.

So when I got to the office yesterday, I looked like death--albeit perhaps slightly warmed over. Several people even told me I looked: a) upset; b) really serious; c) sad, when in fact I was: d) OMGSOTIIIIIIIIIRED!

So just imagine how bad I would have looked if I'd had to fly economy!

And I guess that's a silver lining to cling to as I continue to nurse the bags under my eyes and chug another round of caffeine.

Lucky I still love to travel.  ;-)