Good morning, jet lag!

It's 5:43am here in San Francisco, and I've already been awake for more than three hours.

Blame it on the 8-hour time difference between the West Coast and London. Ah, jet lag, that most clingy of travel nemeses. 

It's not all bad. In the past three hours, I've read multiple reviews of Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens, which premiered last night, thus feeding my slight obsession with bad shark movies. I've watched my first-ever 1.5 episodes of Jane the Virgin, which so far is pretty funny. I've eaten approximately half of the package of Oreos that my hostess/lovely friend Liz left for me when I arrived. I've done a lot of staring at the ceiling. I've rolled over in bed at least 900 times, thereby burning calories. 

In other words, things could be worse!

I had a great first day in San Francisco yesterday, and I'm looking forward to more. Many more friends to catch up with, sights to see, and experiences to enjoy. I just know my week here is going to fly by, and I want to make the absolute most of it.

If only the sun would rise, already!

Another thing I've done in the past few hours is send out "Happy 1st of August!" messages to a few people. It's Switzerland's birthday today! And while I'm sorry not to be there to celebrate in person (perhaps I can find a fondue in San Francisco later today?), I'm reminded of just how lucky I am - and always have been - to come from two home countries, each of which I love very much. Switzerland in particular represents my roots, my home, my childhood, and - somehow - my pride and joy. So in my heart, cheesy as it sounds, I'm there right now, lighting fireworks over the Lac Léman. Joyeux premier août à tous!