Dem bones gonna rise again...

My anatomy exam for my yoga certification is tomorrow, and let me tell you - right at this moment, I am not feeling it.

This could be because I've left it until the absolute last minute to revise my notes and am currently sitting surrounded by a human anatomy coloring book, the second edition of Yoga Anatomy, and way too many sheets of paper with random, seemingly indecipherable notes scrawled across them. 

So wait--remind me which muscles extend the knee? Which plane of motion is sagittal? What postures would you avoid for someone suffering from carpal tunnel? Where might I find the humerus? What are the different kinds of synovial joints, again? Do tendons connect bone-to-bone, or muscle-to-bone? Too many details fighting for space, arghhhhhhh.

To be clear, I don't just want to learn about anatomy to pass the test tomorrow. I mean, I do, obviously, want to pass the test. But primarily I want to know this stuff to be the best teacher I can be. That's what really matters here.

... It's just that the test is tomorrow, and I really don't want to have to retake it. You know?

So how is this a Happy Moment, when the primary feeling in the pit of my stomach right now is dread, seconded by fear and guilt? Because even in these low moments that are kind of scary, I still really love this yoga stuff. I love that I'm getting closer to accomplishing something new and exciting. Anatomy may not be my forte, but if it's a necessary piece of the puzzle, then bring it on. I'll do my best tomorrow evening, and we'll just see what happens.

Who knew the human body was so complex and had so much going on inside of it? Kind of miraculous, actually. We're pretty awesome!

(I'll try to keep that in mind tomorrow.......)