Harry Potter and the Sold-Out Ticket Booth

I am ridiculously excited.

On my lunch break today, as I walked over to the Whole Foods in Piccadilly Circus, I passed by the Palace Theatre, and saw that the marquee had changed. It's now advertising the upcoming play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two.

It's REAL.

Obviously, I'd heard the play was coming out. I don't live under a rock, after all. When you've read each of the 7 Harry Potter books at least five times, watched all 8 of the movies several times, and had the time of your life on the Warner Brothers studio tour where the films were shot, you tend to know when big news like this is announced. #nerdalert

But it's REAL now. This marquee PROVES it.

I don't have my tickets yet, I'm ashamed to admit. My sister and I have been talking about buying some for donkey's years now, without actually making our move. This likely means we will not actually be seeing it until, oh, August 2017, given how very, very sold out it is. This is kind of embarrassing, but I refuse to despair! I WILL see this play! (Actually, I guess it's plays, plural, since it's in two parts!)

I'm even more excited because I hear that my favorite character, Draco Malfoy, also makes an appearance. So aloof. So handsome. So conflicted. I like a bit of conflict and depth. Plus this play is set 19 years after the last novel, which means he is now in his mid-thirties and I don't even have to feel creepy about having a mini celebrity crush on a fictional teenager! Another silver lining!

Ok, I need to buy tickets now. Accio tickets! Now, where's my wand?