Yoga teacher training - weekend eight

Oh my gosh, we're 80% there.

This is all starting to feel very real. And scary. And really scary. Albeit in a good way.

Weekend #8 started to bring home the concept that this is actually something that people do, you know, for money. Like, I may actually earn back some of what I spent on this course!

But slowly. Verrrrry slowly. Our first weekend lecture was about how to communicate the value of what we do and of ourselves. Yes, The Value of Me! We were told the average full-time yoga teacher spends 10% of their time actually teaching, and 90% on everything else (admin, marketing, commuting, etc). Who knew? (I don't actually plan to teach full-time, but this is just for reference). 

We also calculated how many classes we'd have to teach per week to either replace our current incomes, or to live the lifestyle we want. I would have to teach...a lot. I mean, unless I price higher, or find a good niche. And again, I'm not planning to actually go full-time, but it is kind of fun to do the math and think about potential options that could be opening up here. Maybe I could find one loyal client to teach privately once a week! Maybe I could volunteer to teach for a charity! Maybe I could teach in fancy hotels or retirement communities or schools or prisons! (Hey, just throwing out ideas!)

"Don't be afraid of charging what you're worth," our instructor said. Point taken.

Saturday nearly killed me. In the morning, we had our usual two-hour physical practice. Then in the afternoon, we had another two hours of physical practice: we paired up and took turns teaching each other our one-hour exam sequence. Meaning I did the whole thing as a student being taught by my partner, and then had to do the whole thing yet again, this time teaching, demonstrating, and adjusting. It was basically a mock exam. 'Pooped' would be an apt word to describe how we felt by the end of the day, though I was very happy with the feedback I received. There's lots to work on, but I'm getting better, I really am!

Sunday morning I woke up and eeeeeeeeverything hurt. My legs hurt. My shoulders hurt. My hair hurt. 

And what better cure for sore muscles than another two-hour yoga class? Ohhhh, this was tough. Even more so because - since it immediately preceded a lecture on 'Power Yoga vs. Restorative Yoga' - the practice was more fiery than usual. My friend on the mat next to mine told me afterwards, "Joëlle, at one point I thought you were just going to collapse there!"

"Ardkiosgumafruhhhhhg," I replied, too exhausted to form syllables.

So yes, this was probably the toughest weekend yet, but I still love it just as much. What am I going to do once this course is over? It's one thing to follow the structure of all the classes, but it's another to suddenly be the one in charge of what I do next, post-graduation. I mean, my first exam (anatomy) is in five days! It is getting REAL in here!

I'm going to miss my new friends so much. And the regular practice. And the community. Even the beautiful Kagyu Samye Dzong Buddhist Centre where we're lucky enough to take all our classes. It's in a beautiful converted library. It has shrine rooms, a little garden outside, a Tibetan tea room and bookshop. It's full of kind people and good energy, meditation workshops, movie nights, lectures, and so much more. It's been a little piece of home to me for the past few months.

Just two weekends left.

Be kind. Be playful. Discover. Namaste.