Safe and sound

It was a long flight back from DC to London in the wee hours of this morning. I spent most of it studying for my philosophy exam, which begins in a few hours. And which - as is my wont - I left until the last possible moment to study for.

It was a long queue at customs to get back into the country, only to find that - despite checking in more than two hours early - my suitcase somehow hadn't made the flight with me, and won't be delivered to me until tomorrow evening. (Meaning I can't wear my cute new yoga clothes to my final exams tonight and tomorrow...heavy sigh.)

It was a long tube ride back from Heathrow, trying to stay awake, and occasionally wondering whether I was hallucinating, or whether there actually were giant blue shapeless globs the size of horses, riding the tube alongside of me.

But it's all ok. I'm home, safe and sound. My suitcase will turn up. I will pass my philosophy exam tonight, and my practical exam tomorrow. I will get my energy and great health back, no matter how sluggish and sullen I may temporarily feel right now. Onwards and upwards!

Lots of wonderful memories of a great week in the U.S. to take with me. Super grateful for those, and to be home, for now.