Checking in on resolutions

Now that we're officially into the second half of the year, the time seems right to check in on the New Year's resolutions I set back in January. I haven't really looked at these since January, mind you, but hey, there's still another almost-six months to go, so let's see how we're doing!

Because I'm kind of a nerd, I had split them into 4 buckets: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. So let's take those one at a time. I should caveat first by saying I'm not going to lay out EVERY resolution here, because - even with the shall-we-say "exclusive" readership of this blog - I still think not everything belongs on the Internet for anyone to stumble upon. Deal? Ok! And we're off!

- Run 600km - Ok, this is a tough one to swallow. In 2015, I ran 1,351km. This year, on the other hand, I'm going to struggle to hit 600, largely due to my hamstring injury. I've stopped running completely for now. Hoping to get back into it very gradually in the next few weeks, but we'll see where this ends up going. Currently sitting pretty at 251.
- Get certified in yoga - I didn't even remember I had actually put this in here! And look at me now: by tomorrow night I'll be 80% of the way there! Unbelievable! Hard work pays off.
- Complete yoga camp with Adriene - Completed in February
- Learn to do a headstand - Hey! Checked this box too!
- Take big steps towards an organic, healthy lifestyle - Ahem. This needs work. I'm generally doing better, and inching towards a more ayurvedic lifestyle, albeit at a snail's pace.
- Complete Dry January - I was a cheap date the ENTIRE month!
- Aim to drink at least 1.5L per day - Doing pretty well on this most days.

- Xxx x xxx xxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx!!! - Ok, so this is here as a stand-in for THE biggest 'mental' resolution of all for the year, one of those aforementioned, "let's-not-advertise-this-too-broadly" resolutions. I have not yet achieved this; however, I AM working on it. Let's leave it at that for now!
Get my INSEAD loan down to $XXX - Working on was an aggressive number, but still an outsider's chance before the end of the year. I just hope the pound goes back up, since my loan just got 12% more expensive since Brexit!
Contribute the maximum amount to my Roth IRA - So it turns out I actually legally can't do this without any U.S. income. Learned that the hard way when filing my taxes! Cue the investigation into UK retirement accounts as a substitute!
Open a UK savings account and contribute every month - Done back in January!
- Spend mindfully - I'm all over this. Write my expenditures down in my daily planner and everything, like a total nerd.
- Start a blog - Hahahahahaha! If I had only known then what I know now! ;-)
- Publish my book on Amazon - This is planned to be my next "big" project after I graduate from yoga teacher training in a few weeks.
Read two books every month - Oh, phooey. I'm on-and-off with this one, though in my defense it's largely because I'm studying yoga a lot, and that's KIND OF like reading... Still, lots of room for improvement here.

- Tell people I love them - I love you all!!!  
- Only check Instagram, Facebook, and other social media once a day - I started out great on this, but have stumbled in the past two months or so. Still, it's fixable!
- Do not waste time on, negative news sites, or the like. Seek out positive and productive moments. - Generally I'm actually pretty good at this. Even my pop culture obsession has somewhat diminished!
- Do not give bad people my energy or attention, because it can be better directed elsewhere! - A useful reminder! Meditation and mindfulness help with this one.
- Meet my future husband - I mean, I'm sure he's on his way.
- Keep one night a week sacred to spend on taking care of myself - This is probably THE resolution I've completely neglected this year, and I still think it's a good one. One to work on.

- Start meditating - Done!
- Carry around my 2016 planner. Fill it with beautiful memories. - I don't carry it everywhere, but I actually do write down memories and quotes in the little planner next to my bed, and I love it! Such lovely retrospectives for the future!
- Take one trip every month - Done! January was Milan/Venice; February was Switzerland; March was Ireland and Malta; April was Switzerland again + India; May was Brussels, Amsterdam, and Dublin; June was Paris and trip #3 to Switzerland. For July, I'll be heading to New York and Washington, DC.
- Take time to be grateful. Remember the BEST thing that happened to me each and every day. - I'm pretty good about this, and my gratitude rock practice every night helps a lot.

Wow! So how am I doing so far in 2016? Well...generally pretty well, it would seem! Sure, there's lots to work on, and probably even some goals to readjust, or even a few new ones to add. I'm not exactly the same person I was on January 1st.

I am officially adding one here, for the record: I want to write a blog post for every day of 2016. This is a huge goal, but now that I'm halfway there, it isn't outside the realm of possibility. It feels achievable. It feels big. It feels proud. It feels like me. So I'm going on record to say: Yup. I'm doing it.

Not all resolutions are kept. A 2013 Forbes study said only 8% of New Year's Resolutions were actually achieved. So probably a good idea to check in now and then and see how we're doing, for those of us that like challenging ourselves in this manner. Tonight was a great exercise for that reason.

In any case, 2016 is shaping out to be one hell of a year. Right? Right??