Running and remembering in DC

Ohhhhh, but it's humid here in the DC area. Hot. Sticky. Humidity personified.

Which is why when I woke up at 6am this morning, I thought to myself, NOW is the time to go outside, because I knew I certainly wouldn't want to later in the day.

So outside I went! I left behind my Rosslyn, VA hotel, trotted along the Potomac River, and into Washington, DC itself. I made good use of my patented run-walk-run-walk combo to pass the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Reflecting Pool, the FDR Memorial, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and finally, the Jefferson Memorial. (Side note: this is only a smattering of the memorials available in DC. You can basically walk around the downtown area, constantly remembering stuff. And people.)

I love the monuments here. They're what make DC DC. Despite its bureaucratic exterior, you just can't deny the importance of the causes represented here. When I lived in DC many moons ago, I used to regularly go for solo walks around them, just thinking and listening and noticing. Now that it's many years later, there's an element of my own remembrance that gets added to that: it now reminds me of a time in life where I more regularly thought of such things.

Unfortunately, this morning I timed myself poorly. Despite the 6am-ish departure, I found myself cutting it pretty close to get to work by 9am. So my run-walk-run-walk combo - which until then had placed a rather significant emphasis on the walk part of that equation - had to shift. I ramped up. I sped up. I ran like the sticky, sweaty, hot mess that I was in this ridiculously humid environment. I did what had to be done!

And I made it. A few pictures richer, glad I'd pushed myself and gotten out there. Glad I'd remembered.