Lounging on the High Line

This afternoon Kelly and I visited a new-ish New York City staple that I've been to before, but never really explored: The High Line.

I say new-ish because it wasn't here yet when I lived in New York. It's a sort of aerial greenway that runs nearly 1.5-miles long down the lower west side of Manhattan, an elevated park built over the tracks of a disused railroad and first opened in 2009.

I left NYC at the beginning of 2008, and while I've vaguely known the High Line existed, and perhaps breezed by once or twice when I was in town, I didn't quite realize before today how cool it is. I just love the care that's been put into making it into a beautiful, accessible, friendly place. In some places they've left the old rail tracks there, with grass and trees growing up amongst them. In other places, they've actually used the tracks: a series of lawn chairs are actually attached to the rails, so that you slide them closer together or further apart (presumably, in case you don't like the people you're lounging next to).

It was a hot, hot, HOT day, and the occasional breeze off the nearby Hudson River was certainly welcome. We stuck to the shade as much as possible, people-watching and wandering. At one point, I asked a nice couple whether they'd mind if I took a quick picture on the lounge chair they were sitting on, so I could recreate a picture for a friend who'd taken one in that exact spot months earlier.

It felt nice sitting there for a few moments, in the hot sun, with trees and greenery around me. A little spot of zen in the heart of Manhattan, a moment of peace in the big city.