Scottish translator required

God, I love a good Scottish accent.

Some context: today, I spent quite a lot of time planning an upcoming August hiking trip through Scotland. My friend Meredith and I are planning to hike the northern part of the West Highland Way, a long-distance walk National Geographic recently named one of the World's Best Hikes.

We unfortunately won't have time to do the entire trail (which typically takes 6-9 days), but since we're both fit and fabulous, we're planning to power through the more difficult (and beautiful!) northern section over 3 days, about six weeks from now. So today, I booked a few B&Bs online, and placed a few calls.

My first (and most memorable) call was to Ginger Routes, a service that transfers your baggage from one place to another each day, so you only have to carry a day pack (because I do love hiking, but if I can pay £24 to not have to carry the entire trip on my back the whole time, you'd better believe I'll lighten that load).

The phone was picked up by, I can only assume, Sean Connery's rural cousin, who'd apparently just stuffed a bunch of marbles in his mouth.

"H--hello?" I said hesitantly, uncertain whether I was speaking to a humanoid, or to some sort of enthusiastic woodland creature.

More incomprehensible sounds ensued.

And you know, I like to think of myself as a worldly person. I've lived in several countries, I've traveled quite a bit, I've met people from all over the globe. But here I was, a native English speaker listening to, presumably, another native English speaker, and I had no idea what this man was saying to me.

Oh, I tried to pass it off. "Hahaha!" I exclaimed, "I'd LOVE to leave my possessions in your care! Which is probably what you just said! I think! Hahaha!" I'm sure he thought I was simple. Or perhaps he's used to it. In any case, he didn't slow down his speech.

I'm pretty sure I booked what I wanted. I'm pretty sure he asked me for my name and email address, which I duly provided, overemphasizing every letter as I spelled it out.

But the thing is, I'm sitting here a good 9 hours after that phone conversation with no email confirmation in my inbox, which I thought I'd understood he'd promised me. Something's gone wrong. 

Oh God.

I'm going to have to call him back.