Cricket fields and free cookies

Yesterday I attended a full-day conference that happened to take place at Lord's Cricket Ground, the "Home of Cricket" and "Oldest Sporting Museum in the World."

I've said it before: I know nothing about cricket. The headliner at the conference opened the first morning session with a joke about the bowler scoring a run (or something like that), and I sat there like a mute stone while others around the room burst out laughing. I'm sure it was hilarious. I'm sure it was the cricket equivalent of "Who's on First?" I didn't get it.

Anyway, the conference was hardly the stuff of my dreams, but it was kind of cool to get out of the office for a day and get to sit up in the JP Morgan Media Centre, the pod where journalists usually sit, and munch on the delicious cookies the waiters kept handing out. (Or was it me, following the serving staff around and helping myself? I forget.)

Obviously, there wasn't a game going on. And I'd have had no idea how to interpret one even if there had been. I mean, I'm basing my assumption that there wasn't a game going on on exactly three things:

1) There was nobody wearing white on the field.
2) The stands were completely empty.
3) There is no #3, because that's literally all I got when it comes to cricket.

There were groundskeepers riding around on awesome little lawn mowers, though, which - dare I say it - looked rather fun.

I almost feel like I'd rather watch that than actual cricket. So if you've got a lawn mower and a big yard, please, consider having me over some time.