Paris, take deux: Let's try this again

Remember how a few months ago, I had to cancel a last-minute trip to Paris due to a meeting cancellation mere hours before I was supposed to get on the Eurostar?

Well, today I'm trying this again.

And for a while, it was looking like things might go the same way, due to some more meeting attendee cancellations, not to mention the fact that until about 24 hours ago, Paris appeared to be something like 3 feet underwater. When I brought my suitcase to work this morning, I wasn't entirely sure that would prove necessary.

But since at the moment, I am literally sitting on the Eurostar, waiting for an imminent departure, I have at least already gotten closer than last time! It's like I've got one foot in France already! I can smell the brie from here!


Wait for it....

Wait for it....

Yes! We're off! Off to adventure through an underwater tunnel! And who's to say what's just beyond the tunnel wall? There could be fishes and seahorses and giant squid and MERMAIDS!!! And if they'd only made the tunnel see-through, I could have checked! 

Alas, the mystery continues. (Though, technically, this also means no one on this train can prove me wrong.)

One of the things I love about the Eurostar is that in the beginning, while you're still in England, it runs right alongside a major freeway, which also heads towards France. Only the trains go so much faster. And there's just something so exciting about speed.

Perhaps I should engage my fellow passengers in conversation. "Isn't this amazing?" I could ask. "Isn't this a marvel of modern-day technology? We're whizzing along, soon to be racing down tracks built underwater between two countries!" (who, incidentally, soon may not be quite as linked to one another as they are now. See: Brexit.) 

I could engage them in dialogue about this. About technology, about transportation. I could ask them to keep an eye out for mermaids. They'd love me, no doubt.

Ah well, maybe I'll just stay quiet. Just enjoying the fact that this time, I'm actually on my way.