Wasting time

I've been sitting on my sofa for at least half an hour, trying to think of something happy to write about today. Not that I've had a bad day or anything, but somedays it's just, "uhhhhh, I dunno" when I try to come up with a topic.

While procrastinating on brainstorming or writing about anything, I have done the following:

1) Half-heartedly checked out Google News to see if there was anything that might spark an idea. There wasn't.
2) Read through multiple pages of the Game of Thrones discussion forums on PreviouslyTV, because I'm slightly obsessed with the show.
3) Checked Google News again, before remembering that I already had.
4) Page-hopped around Wikipedia, somehow ending up getting myself from the homepage to the page on the Nepalese royal massacre to the one on Katie Couric.
5) Made a cup of tea.
6) Aimlessly wandered around the apartment.
7) Looked up tomorrow's weather (it's finally supposed to be warm!)
8) Reviewed the sequence for my final Yoga Teacher Training exam.
9) Daydreamed about the bath I'll be taking once I finally write the day's blog entry.
10) Ultimately decided to just start typing stuff.

And that's it. No grand plans or accomplishments. No particularly memorable moments. Just a full day of yoga training and a quiet night at home with a little procrastination thrown in. I'm honestly so busy these days that I wish I could just bang stuff out and be done with it, and not waste any time on blogging or reading or silly videos or hot baths or whatever.

And I do feel that generally I'm pretty productive these days.

Everybody needs a night off once in a while, though.



P.S. And now for that bath!