June too soon

The year is officially half over. January, February, March, April, May - and now June - gone. Just like that.

I say this every month, but it's really hard to believe how time flies. I think one of the side effects of writing this daily blog has been that it's really forced me to pay attention to each and every day, almost giving each day its own identity if you will--and that's perhaps made the half-year feel even longer. On the other hand, scrolling back down through all these posts, seeing everything I've written about and experienced...wow, has it ever flown by. Contradictions! Deep thoughts! Life stuff!

In the next few days I'm planning to take a retrospective look at how the first half of 2016 has stacked up against the New Year's resolutions I set back at the beginning of the year (...some may need adjusting; others are moving merrily along!)

But before that, time to take a look at June itself: the halfway mark. The 21.1km signpost, where you wonder whether you actually have another 21.1km in you, and then you think, of course I do, because I am already halfway there and this ain't no sprint. Oh, and also? I am a bad-ass. (For good measure.)


- 182 straight days of blogging
- 180/182 days of meditation (somehow I missed 2 days in June--let's not make that a habit!)
- I completed 180 straight days of writing down 10 ideas a day: that makes me 1,800 possibilities richer than I was six months ago!
- I completed weekends five, six, and seven of Yoga Teacher Training - while I'm getting kind of terrified (my first exam is next week!), I don't think I can express how much I'm enjoying it, and how much it's really helping me come into my own in so many new ways.
- I did my first headstand--hurray!
- I taught my first-ever student--double hurray!
- I enjoyed a business trip to beautiful Paris, and visited my beautiful hometown of Geneva for the third time this year.
- I witnessed history with Brexit, the ramifications of which we'll likely all be feeling for years to come.

Favorite moment of the month: Simultaneously the best moment, and perhaps the toughest one as well, but I absolutely loved and connected with the full day of meditation during YTT weekend #6. Not a day I'll soon forget.

Quote of the month: "Shine. Stay Restless. Be Brilliant."

Fun fact of the month: The Magna Carta just turned 801 years old!

Goal for next month: To graduate as a certified yoga teacher! This is absolutely not a given at this point. It all starts with my anatomy exam on July 9th, followed by my philosophy exam on July 22nd, and finally my practical exam on July 23rd. I've been working hard, but it's all pretty intense and a little overwhelming some days. Positive vibes are much appreciated!

Halfway. Wow. So much to acknowledge and be grateful for.

So much left to come.

July, lead the way!