Feeling unchained

One wonderful piece of news in my life these days is that my company has recently done away with our corporate dress code.

It was already pretty relaxed to begin with, but now there is nothing that explicitly forbids me from dressing however I feel on a certain morning, whether that's wearing a pretty dress and fancy heels one day, or OVERALLS AND GALOSHES AND AN UMBRELLA BECAUSE OMG DOES IT EVER STOP RAINING OR WARM UP IN BRITAIN IT IS JUNE 29TH PEOPLE!!!

.....Anyway, let's gloss right over that. 

Back to the dress code, or - as the company has decided to call it - "Dress for Success."

To me, "Success" this morning meant skinny jeans and a grungy 'La Vie Bohême' graphic t-shirt that I just bought over the weekend and rather inexplicably fell in love with. It has CHAINS on it! The last time I wore chains was....well, never. I've never worn chains. I do not normally buy articles of clothing with hardware sewn into them.

But sometimes you gotta dare to be a little different. Shake things up! Ring the changes! 

Funny how trying little new things can sometimes lead to bigger transformations, and maybe even someday the realization of, "Oh, that's who I was all along."

....Or maybe it's just a t-shirt. ;-)